3 Career Moves After Paramedic

With an EMT or paramedic career under your belt, you can go on to conquer these healthcare options. As with most careers, there’s a cha... Continue Reading..

What Is a Critical Care Paramedic?

Perform life-saving actions every day as you care for patients while getting them to a hospital. Critical care transport is a growing field i... Continue Reading..

5 Characteristics of a Successful Firefighter

Your bravery knows no bounds, you’re okay with the unpredictable, and you are cool under pressure? Firefighting is a natural fit for you.Fir... Continue Reading..

Surviving Your EMT Training

The hours are long, the information comes fast, and the flashcards will be many. But if you go into your classes with this game plan, you'll do fine.... Continue Reading..

How to Get Financial Aid for EMS Training

A career in the emergency medical services doesn’t have to be out of reach because of school costs. Find out more about grants, loans, and schol... Continue Reading..

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