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Calls for emergency medical services come in for a wide variety of reasons, and in the heat of the moment, emergency medical technicians are called upon to make quick and competent decisions that can often be the difference between life and death.

For even the most experienced and knowledgeable emergency medical technician (EMT), there will always be an element of surprise. However, the right emergency medical training can make all the difference when treating patients in life-threatening situations.

In order to prepare individuals to provide pre-hospital care to the ill and the injured, all 50 states require those entering the field to complete an accredited training program. While there are different levels of training, most EMT programs last six months to two years, and award a certificate upon completion.

EMT training programs cover areas like airway management, trauma, patient assessment, pharmacology, and respiratory emergencies. Programs not only require classroom hours, but laboratory simulations and internships as well. Continuing education is also necessary to maintain certification.

EMS career levels include:

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