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Three Things To Expect In The Emergency Medical Services Field

A career as an emergency medical technician (EMT), paramedic, or firefighter is an exciting prospect for many people. After all, these jobs are extremely rewarding, and with no two days the same. EMTs and firefighters rarely find themselves bored on the job. Still, if you're considering enrolling in the necessary training to become an EMT or firefighter, then you'll want to get a better idea as to what you can expect before making a commitment.

Types Of Calls To Expect

EMTs and firefighters are the first responders in any number of emergency situations. When there's a fire or a person is injured and needs immediate assistance, these are the professionals who show up promptly—lights flashing and sirens blaring.

On any given day, an EMT may treat a victim for a life-threatening gunshot wound while using medical training to stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient until they arrive at the hospital. As a firefighter, you may find yourself needing to give CPR to a person who has suffered severe smoke inhalation and is no longer responsive.

When you work as an EMT or firefighter, every call is different. You need to be prepared to handle any kind of medical emergency and treat it promptly. Other common situations that you may find yourself in may include taking care of an auto accident victim, assisting with emergency childbirth, saving a person suffering from a heart attack, or treating a burn victim.

Physical Skills Required

Being in sound physical condition is a must. This is especially true for firefighters, who are expected to carry anywhere from 45-75 pounds of equipment. The ability to move quickly is also a must for any EMT or firefighter, as lives rely on your speed. Finally, upper-body strength is also a non-negotiable, as both EMTs and firefighters find themselves needing to lift and carry injured patients on a regular basis.

Mental Skills Required

Perhaps the more challenging aspect is the emotional toll the job can take on you. You're simply not going to be able to save every patient, every time. It's a sad, tough reality of the career. You will need to have a strong resolve, thick skin, and the ability to put the concerns of your day at the back of your mind once your shift is over.

Take The Step To Train

There's no denying that becoming an EMT or firefighter is an excellent career choice for those who genuinely enjoy helping others and want a job where they'll be constantly challenged. If you can handle these expectations, then find a school near you to begin training.

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