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​Six Characteristics Of Successful Paramedics

There’s an old saying: “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” A successful paramedic career starts with passion and the desire to help others. On top of being passionate, there are a number of other traits that coincide with success in the emergency medical services field. See how you measure up before entering the field.


Paramedics must be motivated to act within the parameters of any situation and act no matter what the obstacle. Your job requires quick response to a variety of emergencies every day, at any time. A solid work ethic and an ability to handle long hours and high-stress situations are a must in this career.


Working as a team in the field is critical to the success of your paramedic career. Effective care and treatment depend on the action of the entire emergency medical services team, not one individual. You are working in dangerous and unpredictable situations, and you will need to rely on and help others to see the best outcome for the patient, as well as for you and your colleagues.


Excellent communication skills are imperative to a career in emergency medical services. Communication skills help to clearly convey information to coworkers, patients, dispatch, and/or hospital emergency personnel. Paramedics must be able to speak in a clear, concise, and confident manner. It’s also important to listen and observe patients for nonverbal signs.


Paramedics will regularly encounter stressful and dangerous situations. It is important to remain calm and confident while making life-affecting decisions. Confidence in your work will also allow you to prioritize patient care effectively and sensitively.


Physical and mental preparation is also crucial. Forgetting or losing your equipment, arriving late for work, or not replacing supplies will negatively impact your relationships with your coworkers—and ultimately your career.


Lastly, and most importantly, paramedics deal with people who are experiencing physical and mental duress, severe pain, and suffering. Paramedics must be caring and empathetic to all patient situations and must treat them each with individual importance.

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If we just described you, then find a school nearby to begin training for your career helping others. Besides being necessary for certification, good training sets you up to hit the ground running in a great position.

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