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How To Survive EMT Training

Starting your EMT education can feel intimidating, but it’s the necessary path to take toward your rewarding career as an EMT. Here are some tips for surviving EMT school.


Expect a lot of work in EMT training. There will be long hours of creating notecards and quizzing yourself on the information. Make your class book your best friend. Read it and commit everything to memory. You’ll be given skill sheets for duties you’ll do on the job, such as administering oxygen, spinal immobilization, and bleeding control. Learn how to do the tasks and their proper steps—your performance completing these will be evaluated. And even before you begin school and are given your course materials, hit the internet to start learning. You can easily get a head start with the tons of information a quick search brings up.

Don’t Skip Class

EMT classes are packed with information. You’ll need to attend every single session to stay up to date with the material. What is taught isn’t necessarily all that difficult; the hard part is how much is information you’re expected to learn and how quickly it is given during class. One missed class can put you at a significant disadvantage unless you are motivated and can catch up through extra study time. The successful EMT student doesn’t have to be the smartest one, just the most present and motivated.

Need Help? Ask For It

If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The instructor is there for you. Also, discuss your issues with your classmates. It’s important to create relationships with them, and going over what you’re learning is a great way to do this. You’ll be in class and the field with these people for hours at a time: Having them as friends will make you more comfortable and possibly more successful in your endeavor of becoming an EMT.

Earn Your Stripes

If you’re committed to the course and willing to put in the work, then you’ll be an excellent addition to the field of EMT.

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