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Unique Career Paths In Emergency Medical Services

While the emergency medical services profession promises rich and rewarding work, there's more to working in the profession that just being an emergency medical technician (EMT). Broaden your horizons by exploring some of the less-mentioned careers you can pursue with a degree in EMS.

Medical Consultant

If you've been working in the field for a few years and want a job that's less demanding, then you might enjoy working as a medical consultant. As one medical consultant notes, the profession is similar to working as an EMT, in that clients come to you with a problem and seek a solution. Medical consultants have the chance to work with a range of exciting new technologies and can earn a very high hourly rate.

Emergency Department Technician

If you enjoy working in a hospital setting, then you might want to stay in that environment and work as an emergency department (ED) technician. ED techs start IVs, get baselines of hospital patients, perform CPR, transport patients to other areas of the hospital, and generally help out within the emergency room environment. Many ED techs like seeing what happens after the EMTs are called—the full spectrum of medical care, in other words.


If you enjoy working with people in a non-emergency setting, then you could work as an EMS teacher, either educating young professionals or leading a first-aid, CPR, and other skills course to the general public. Outlets like the Red Cross need emergency services teachers on a regular basis. You could also set up your own small business teaching these skills in your community.

Public Health Worker

If the idea of working as a health advocate in your community appeals to you, you can put your EMS skills to good use in the public health sector. Public health workers work on a macro level to improve community members' access to care, increase the knowledge of healthy habits and behaviors, and safeguard the health and well-being of all residents in the community.

Specialty Paramedic

If you like the patient interactions that come with being an EMT but want to develop those relationships over time, you might enjoy working as a specialty paramedic. These professionals can liaise with community organizations and individuals with special needs, providing needed care for the same person or small group of people over time.

Wildfire Medic

If you like adventure, then consider working with wildfire firefighters as a medic, providing first aid and facilitating care to those on the front lines of battling forest fires, as well as those directly affected by the fire.

Go After What You Love

There is a lot more you can do with an emergency medical services education than just work as a paramedic or first responder. Who knows, you might just find your perfect fit in the field by trying one of these more unusual job opportunities!

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